Personal Information

Nathan Wiles


Lead Meteorologist/Assistant Director Sales & Marketing

Growing up, Nathan’s eyes never left the sky or the radar for that matter, always fascinated with Mother Nature and the excitement it would bring. He spent much of his time growing up outdoors in Northeast PA camping out and fishing, participated in Boy Scouts and earned the Eagle Scout award at 16 years old. Some of his favorite memories were watching thunderstorms roll across the Finger Lakes during the summer months and looking at stars in the wintertime sky. He also took a strong interest in the environment and went on to pursue his degree in Meteorology from Penn State University, focusing in Air Quality and earning a minor in Music Technology. Nathan worked for the Penn State Department of Meteorology fresh out of college, forecasting air pollution for the mid-Atlantic. He later joined the WeatherWorks team in December 2016 and now finds himself in a lead forecaster roll and assistant director of sales and marketing. On the side, Nathan enjoys playing music with his band and exploring new places. He is an avid Penn State sports fan and also enjoys going to sporting events and concerts in his spare time.


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