Personal Information

Brad Miller


Lead Meteorologist

After living in Charleston, SC, for 17 years, Brad returned to the Poconos during the summer of 2015 and joined WeatherWorks that October.  His obsession with weather began when he was a little boy.  He would "draw up" his own forecasts and give them to his parents, friends, and teachers, especially when there was snow expected.  You know that you love weather when the night before a snowstorm you feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.  Brad's love for weather continued as he got older and decided that he wanted to be a meteorologist.  Brad is orginally from Edison, NJ, then moved to the Poconos after high school. From there, he attended Millersville University and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology. However, Brad developed "the golf bug" after college and moved to Charleston, SC for a short career as a golf professional (not a touring pro). While in the golf business, Brad remained passionate about the weather and did some "fill-in" work at one of the local TV stations. Quickly, he realized, wow, I can get paid to be on TV!  Well, one thing led to another and Brad ended up as a full time broadcast meteorologist at WCSC - TV (CBS) for about 12 years. But, now he's back in the Northeast enjoying all 4 seasons again, and yes, even the snow. Brad is an operational meteorologist here at WeatherWorks and also helps out with the social media department. He enjoys his time at WeatherWorks and looks forward to forecasting and talking to our clients every day.

Other than golf, Brad likes to run and bike to stay in shape. He is a die hard Yankees, Giants, and Rangers fan and has seen them all in action since moving back to the area. Fantasy football is also a hobby and things get rather interesting around the WeatherWorks office during football season!


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