Personal Information

Mike Mihalik


Media Relations Director / Senior Meteorologist

The first weather event to influence Mike to persue meteorology was Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Although he was not directly affected by the storm (as he grew up in eastern PA), the shear power of the storm footage on TV certainly piqued his interest. Following Hugo, Hurricane Andrew in '92 further solidified his future meteorological path, with the historic Superstorm of '93 and Blizzard of '96 leaving no doubt about his future career. Mike graduated from Penn State University in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in Meteorology and after several years in the snow and ice industry, he joined Weatherworks in 2008. 
At WeatherWorks, Mike typically forecasts for the Hudson Valley through New England, along with broadcasting for several radio stations in New Jersey and New York. Besides his forecasting responsibilities, Mike has been involved with the forensic meteorology team and was used as a "Weather Expert" in courtroom testimony. Mike is also the Director of Social Media, where he continually builds the company's public exposure though Blogs, Newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInYouTubeInstagram & Snapchat.
Outside of the office, Mike enjoys spending time with his family and yelling "FORE!" on the golf course with his WeatherWorks colleagues. He also likes trying out new restaurants and, in turn, weight training to combat the extra calories. Mike plays the guitar as a hobby, in which you will likely hear a Beatles song 90% of the time and if you are lucky, a few off key vocals. 


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