Personal Information

Sherilyn Graham


Director of Forensic and Data Services / Lead Meteorologist

Sherilyn joined WeatherWorks in July 2014 after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Rutgers University. She also received her Master's in Geoscience with a concentration in Applied Meteorology in August 2016 from Mississippi State University. She grew up in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey, only 15 minutes away from New York City. Although always curious about the weather, the 1999 Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak sparked her desire to study the science after watching news coverage and documentaries. She went storm chasing with Rutgers University for two weeks to study the storms first-hand in Tornado Alley, and caught a glimpse of her first tornado in northeastern New Mexico.

Sherilyn enjoys cardio, reading, and trying out the local spots around Warren County. She also has a cat, appropriately named Saffir (after the Saffir-Simpson scale of hurricanes), and will be getting another cat named Simpson. Besides forecasting and preparing Certified Snowfall Totals, she is a writer for the social media team and is on her way to becoming a forensic meteorologist.


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