Over the course of a winter season, snow & ice experts deal with big questions such as, “Will that storm next week really be THAT big?” or “How cold will temperatures be from the Polar Vortex?” Fortunately, Winter Risk™ aims to cut through the all the media hype. With Winter Risk™ our meteorologists will tell you what we know, what we’re uncertain of, and everything in between. That way, crucial salt supply/budget adjustments along with necessary maintenance decisions can be made with confidence.

Leading our staff of weather expert Forensic Meteorologists are Frank P. Lombardo and

Protect your business from weather extremes and year to year volatility! WeatherWorks has an extensive archive of accurate weather data available to help you analyze past weather conditions, assist with on-site projects, location planning and pre-season winter bids. Our collection of historical weather data can be narrowed down to a zip code resolution for various types of precipitation (snow, ice and rain), temperature, wind and severe weather events - damage reports.

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Keeping you safely ahead of the storm!
Winter storms, severe thunderstorms and tropical storms are just some of the types of weather events that will affect your operations this year. Put your mind at ease and become more efficient with WeatherWorks customized Storm Alert services. We help you make the right weather related decisions to save time, money and resources.

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WeatherWorks WorkSite Forecasts™ provide accurate and dependable information to take the guess work out of your weather related decisions. Improve your overall efficiency of operations, maximize your profits on questionable weather days and more importantly, rely on us to keep a watchful eye to notify you in advance of approaching precipitation, storms and/or severe conditions during your work day.

Snowfall Totals & Ice Verification!