Winter's Ending, but Weather Threats Continue

Posted: March 7, 2019, 10:58 am by mikem

As a meteorologist, weather always affects my work schedule. However, in the past I worked lawncare and landscaping and certainly felt the pitfalls of a rainy stretch along with the backlog of work that ensued. However, it wasn't just the rain that was problematic, hot and humid days also stressed my crew physically and droughts did a number on my wallet. After my landscaping career, I also worked as a township inspector for an engineering firm. Here, I saw the problems weather could create with paving, concrete pours, earthwork, and storm sewer installation. Even beyond my career as landscaper and township inspector, I am currently the throwing coach for my local school's track team. Let me tell you, no one wants to throw a muddy shot put or run on a slick track. Besides getting dirty, you can also injure yourself easily.


So as a landscaper, sitework/paving contractor, roofer, or school superintendent, how do you deal with these summer time weather threats? Well, you can use a computer-generated weather app (which is likely wrong on timing and precipitation more often than not) or just react as the weather arrives. However, there is a third option, and that is signing up for a private weather service, like WeatherWorks Storm Alert.

Now before you stop reading because you realize this is a sales pitch, here me out. Imagine you have a track meet or baseball game scheduled and you're worried about rain. Wouldn't it be great if you could ask a real live meteorologist his opinion on the timing? Or maybe you're paving and need a lengthy dry window to prep the sub-base or lay down your top coat. A forecast for your specific area could certainly aid in project management. Not to mention the heads up notifications for severe weather and even lightning that can keep workers safe.

´╗┐WeatherWorks Storm Alert service aids in all of these situations. From daily forecasts and storm alerts to heads-up notifications and 24/7 consultation, weather-related decision support is what our meteorologists do. So even though winter is coming to a close, that doesn't mean the weather threats end...the priorities just shift a bit. And who doesn't want to keep their company, sports team, or school district running at prime efficiency? For more information, give us a call at 908-850-8600 or email

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