Introducing Our Staff, Part 5

Posted: February 25, 2014, 11:02 am by nmarguccio

The next meteorologist that we will spotlight is Sam DeAlba. He is currently an operational meteorologist at WeatherWorks and also is the Director of Forensic and Data Services. If you are looking for any weather data, Sam is your guy. Sam started working at Weatherworks in October of 2009 after interning at the company the year before. He is a guru with Google Earth and Sam was just married this past October. I asked Sam a few questions:

1. Why did you choose your school for meteorology and what did you enjoy most about your college experience?

Despite growing up a die-hard Penn State fan, I chose to attend Millersville University. When I visited the school, I liked the smaller campus and department size. I can’t think of one individual thing I enjoyed most about my college experience, although I think I’m lucky to have come out of school feeling accomplished and with no regrets.

2. After a busy day, what is your favorite way to unwind and “forget about the weather” for a while?

Most times just being home and out of the office is enough. I’ll usually just scour the internet and Facebook, watch TV, and if the mood is right, I’ll go to the gym as well.

3. What is your favorite type of music? Band?

Does the Penn State Blue Band Count? To be honest, I don’t really have a favorite band. I like listening to most songs on the radio. Current hits, classic rock, and on a busy day, some jazz.

4. Are you more of a fan of hot and humid or cold and dry weather?

Well I don’t really have an opinion on either one, overall, just I’m a fan of any weather that allows me to get out of work on time and get my motorcycle out for a ride.

5. What other career would you have wanted to pursue if you had not become a meteorologist?.

I was just weeks away from heading to college for sports therapy and medicine before I discovered that I’m much better at Math and Physics than I am at Biology.

Sam caught in the rain after taking a risky ride into work (above).

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