WeatherWorks Is Ready For Winter

Posted: November 2, 2018, 11:56 am by seanr

In our 32nd year of operation, we at WeatherWorks eagerly anticipate the upcoming winter season to support the weather-related, decision-making process. Our organization is committed to ensuring the weather aspect of a client's operation runs as smoothly as possible. Effectively communicating weather information is our speciality and our staff of 30 meteorologists are here around the clock to make that happen. We are closely monitoring the weather so that you are able to work during the day and sleep comfortably at night.

Do you find yourself continually staring at the radar screen in the middle of the night wondering if you have to go out to salt? No worries, our meteorologists will do that and contact you ahead of time if that snow shower is going to result in work. Need to decide at 5 AM whether to close school or have a delayed opening? Call our office and speak with a meteorologist covering your area for consultation. When it comes to our Storm Alert service, forecasts are never automated. As opposed to widely-available weather information that is generated by a computer, experienced meteorologists are writing informative forecasts geared towards industries impacted by the weather and they are also on top of changing situations. Similarily, Certified Snowfall Totalsis always customized. As the industry standard for snow and ice verification, trained meteorologists are directly involved in all phases of the post event report. Their thorough collection of data is done within 48 hours to ensure a quality analysis while producing a comprehensive report.  

Other departments at WeatherWorks are always hard at work creating customized solutions for weather-related needs. Our Forensic and Data Department of 8 meteorologists are continually creating innovative reports to assist in a wide variety of situations that the weather impacts. Lawsuits, proposals, insurance-related matters, work delays, they have done it all. Included in the department are two AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologists that bring a wealth of experience to any past weather report. With several Software Developers on staff leading the way, WeatherWorks is committed to both growing existing products and working with individuals to create weather-related solutions to improve operations. For all of the situations that the weather affects, we very much look forward to effectively communicating that critical weather information to you. 

Vice President of Operations / Senior Meteorologist
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