A Rainy and Snowy November 2018

Posted: December 6, 2018, 9:24 am by chewitt

Last November was certainly a memorable one. Not only did we continue to receive unnecessary amounts of rainfall, but winter also decided to manifest itself early this season with a storm in the middle of the month!

The region began on a warm note as temperatures continued to warm into the 60s and 70s. This was associated with the first of many rainy systems that began on the 2nd. 1 to 2 inches of rainfall would stack the already saturated region with more precipitation. The following week would be characterized by two additional systems very similar to the first. The third storm on the 9th eventually dragged in a pattern changing cold front, setting the stage for our first real winter storm of the season.

For the interim, temperatures fell up to 10 to 15 degrees below normal which kept it much chillier than usual for a typical November. A reinforcing front with (our now fourth) rainmaker then pushed a high pressure system over northern New England, helping to pool cold air all the way south along the East Coast into Virginia and North Carolina. The impacts from our early winter storm on the 15th and 16th were both impressive and quite debilitating due to ill-timed snow during the PM rush. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York City through most of Long Island in particular became snagged in gridlock not seen in a very long time due to the onset of snow being so heavy.

Totals generally ranged between 4 and 8 inches across the region with the I-95 corridor seeing between 2 and 6 inches. The highest amounts resided in the Hudson Valley where up to a foot was measured in spots! Freezing rain also mixed in south of the Mason-Dixon Line due to some warm air working in aloft. The Big Apple also witnessed its second snowiest November day on record as Central Park picked up 6.4 inches of snow and sleet.

After the storm, a calmer period would ensue, outside of a minor snow event on the 20th that brought 2 – 5 inches across the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border. Otherwise, high pressure kept it quiet for the holiday weekend, though this came at the price of a bone chilling day on Thanksgiving as temperatures fell well into the 20s and teens in the morning. Many low temperature records were broken including Boston, MA which bottomed out at 14 degrees. Conversely, some also had their coolest daytime temperatures on record such as Philadelphia, PA which only reached 33 degrees. Breezy conditions also did not help with the parades as wind chills fell even further into the single digits. Even colder air broke records the following morning, when temperatures fell into the teens and single digits!

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