First Frost, Freeze, & Snow Dates: Northeast

Posted: October 6, 2017, 12:58 am by bmiller

Despite the best efforts of summer to hold on into fall, cold weather will inevitably prevail across the area once again. Daylight has been decreasing at a rapid rate over the last month and average temperatures have been falling steadily as well. While parts of the interior Northeast have already seen their first frost at the time of this writing (October 6th), most along the coast (including the big cities) have not. 

The first frost brings an end to the growing season when it occurs across an area. This is usually followed by the first freeze, which either occurs simultaneously or shortly thereafter. Beyond that point, it is only a matter of time before the first measurable snowfall occurs. Measurable snowfall is defined as at least 0.1" of snow. The list below shows the average date for the first frost, freeze, and snow for select cities in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.  

Note: Outlying areas and suburbs typically have earlier dates on average.

  First Frost First Freeze First Measurable Snow
Boston  October 21st  October 31st  November 29th
Hartford  October 13th  October 30th  December 3rd
New York City  November 18th  December 3rd  December 13th
Scranton  October 14th   November 1st  November 20th
Philadelphia  November 20th  December 6th  December 19th
Baltimore  November 24th  December 10th  December 15th
Washington, DC  November 17th  December 3rd  December 20th


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