Remembering the April 2011 Outbreak

Posted: April 27, 2012, 6:02 pm by mikem

One year ago today, one of the most widespread and deadly tornado outbreaks on record was ravaging southern and eastern portions of the U.S. Though there were several rounds of severe/tornadic t-storms over the span of April 25th – 28th,, 2011 (including 358 confirmed tornadoes across 21 states), the most violent and deadly portion was occurring on the afternoon and evening of April 27th. A record 208 tornadoes touched down in this 24 hour period, but what made this super outbreak unique was the considerable amount of strong, long-tracked tornadoes. 

An incredible ten EF-4 and four EF-5 rated twisters focused mainly over Alabama and Mississippi on the 27th. The strongest EF-5 of the day was on the ground over 100 miles,packed 210 mph winds, and resulted in 71 deaths. The most memorable tornado of the day was the EF-4 tornado that struck Tuscaloosa, Alabama and the northern suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama. It was responsible for 65 deaths including 44 within Tuscaloosa where there was massive destruction. 

In all, 316 casualties, thousands of injuries and billions of dollars in damages were suffered on this historic day. Here is a link to several videos from the strongest and most deadly twisters of that day.  



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