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Posted: November 24, 2017, 4:22 pm by mpriante
Every winter varies; some are colder while some are milder. For this winter season, however, it's certainly been off to a fairly cold start. Although we haven't had much snow to deal with so far, this cold dry air mass is making up for it. It may just be a miserable nuisance to the average everybody, but to the average homeowner it’s usually the start of paying high heating bills. Nobody likes wasting money, especially if it's on something that can be conserved. Why waste money this winter on heating your home. There are many different things homeowners can do to conserve heat and prevent unnecessary spending. Here are just a few helpful tips to weatherproof your home:
Find drafts around windows, electrical outlets, etc.:
You would not believe how many nooks and crannies there are inside the average home; in the walls, in the floors, and even in electrical outlets. Small gaps that may not seem significant enough to cause issues can actually lead to cold spots in house, leading to a waste in energy. Typically plugging up those holes with plaster or silicone can make a huge difference in keeping the heat inside and not escaping. 
Hang curtains over windows:
Windows, as you probably already know, can be a big source of heat loss during the winter. Whether they’re single paned or have drafts, a fix is certainly needed to prevent additional heat loss. This is where curtains come in. Having thick curtains around windows can help act as an insulator to the home and prevent drafty windows from spoiling a warm room. 
Likewise, use solar energy to your advantage:
Now lets say your windows are pretty efficient in keeping the warm air in, but you’re still looking to conserve heating costs. The sun is the most natural method of heating anything, so why not open your blinds or curtains to let those sweet rays of sunshine thru and into your home. This is assuming of course that it’s a bright and sunny day!
Keep the thermostat low:
It may be difficult at first, but setting the thermostat lower than what you would typically have it at could be one of your best and cheapest options when it comes to cutting down costs. Setting the thermostat to 68 degrees during the day is the best solution to keeping the house warm and not overusing your furnace. If you’re someone who easily gets cold, a simple solution is to just wear warmer clothing while inside. It would make more sense to keep the thermostat lower and have your body heat be conserved by wearing the proper attire than to make the house feel like a sauna. 
Use your ceiling fans:
You’re probably wondering why we’re suggesting turning on the fan during the winter. Well, it turns out that it can be very helpful to keep warm air from dissipating into the walls of your home. During the summer, a counterclockwise fan allows for warm and stagnant air to rise and circulate. During the winter, reversing the direction of a ceiling fan to spin clockwise will do the opposite and help keep warm air suppressed. 
Buy a space heater:
Sometimes a space heater can be more efficient in heating a small room than a home furnace. Of course, a small space heater will still be pulling power from your house’s electricity, but if you’re not going to be using every room in the house, why waste money cranking up the heat and trying to warm every room?
Update/Replace insulation in your home:
This could be a pricey option, depending on the type you buy, but it can be a cost effective option that will eventually pay for itself overtime. It’s a good option to consider when every small fixer-upper isn't making a huge difference in your heating bill. It’s also more suited for older homes that haven’t been renovated or modernized in awhile. 
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