I Wish I had This as a Former Landscaper

Posted: May 20, 2017, 8:01 am by mikem

It was sometime in June 2007, I (Mike Mihalik) was a crew leader for a landscaping company in eastern Pennsylvania. I was riding my Exmark Lazer Z (which I preferred, hopefully Exmark appreciates my plug...LOL) mowing a large multiple warehouse account. Dark clouds were building in the distance and I began becoming concerned about finishing my job and if my crew was safe from lightning. Of course I had a meteorology degree, but I wasn't following the weather pattern closely at the time. If only I could call someone to get a briefing on the current weather situation...

In other words, I've been there. With 7 years of landscaping under my belt, I know what it's like to get caught on a job site and a project ruined or delayed by heavy rain or thunderstorms. My company never had a private weather service like WeatherWorks to fall back on if we had questions concerning the weather and our decision to cancel work. We just listened to the news and planned based off that information. But was that really good enough? Back then, I wish I had a service like Storm Alerts so I could call my region's meteorologist for consultation. Man, it would have saved me some hassle. I think of those rainy mornings when we called off for the day, only to have the rain stop at Noon... leading to a dry afternoon, a missed opportunity, and the dread of making up the work on the weekend. Severe weather was a problem too, a meteorologist's heads-up call or text would have allowed me to keep my men safe and head back to the trucks or shop before the storm even hit.

There's so many benefits of having your own weather service. It's hard to list them all, but I'm sure you could think of more examples where Storm Alerts would save your company time. If you're interested in Storm Alert service for the summer, feel free to email Kevin Hopler or give us a call at 908-850-8600.


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