Compare 2017-18 Snowfall to Climatology

Posted: April 13, 2018, 11:26 am by mikem

Well, how did you like that winter? To say the least, it was a pretty unusual end to the season with snowstorms increasing in frequency heading into March and even lingering into early April. In fact, some monthly snowfall amounts for March 2018 even cracked the top 5 snowiest in recorded history for the month. We explained in "Why Was March 2018 So Active?" the reason why this pattern developed and persisted, but how do you relate the extraordinary end to Winter 2017-18 to your clients? Snowtistics can help you accomplish this.

Through our Snowtistics climatology, you can compare the 2017-18 winter to the 5, 10, 15, or even 30 year snowfall averages. You can also show how abnormal March and April 2018's snowfall was through monthly breakdowns from past years, along with event threshold data. By showing your client the certified data in our climatology report, you can validate your late season charges and also have proof for internal snow removal expenses. Not only will this data help compare this season to historical records, but it will also help you plan for future projects and keep your upcoming snow removal bids competitive.

If you are interested in Snowtistics, feel free to request a report on a city by city basis by emailing or give us a call at 908-850-8600.

Media Relations Director / Senior Meteorologist
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