Certified Snowfall Totals Off to Record Start

Posted: November 11, 2018, 10:39 am by ccastellano

Still not ready to get into the winter mood just yet? Well… over parts of the country, winter is already underway. In fact, reports of snowfall have been coming in since the end of September, which translated into quite the busy October. This has resulted in a jam-packed winter season already, with our meteorologists busily cranking out Certified Snowfall Totals® reports.

So what is Certified Snowfall Totals®? Certified Snowfall Totals® (CST) is a snow and ice verification service that provides post storm analysis of storm totals to over 2000 clients across the country. It is a zip code specific service, and as result, it means plenty of monitoring country-wide.

These reports begin as soon as that first measurable snowfall occurs in any of our qualifying zip codes. It can get busy at the launch of the season, but typically it does not amount to much. However, it has been quite different for the fall of 2018.

In terms of the number of “storms” published, from the first event of the season through the end of October, it has been our busiest start to a season in 12 years! Our CST regions total 56, based on geographic adjustments. Of these 56 regions, 61.40% have snowed already (a total of 35). That is more than half of the country already seeing snow in some part of their state! This occurred one other time back to 2013, when the rate was at 52.7%.

Going by our 2006 through 2017 average, the normal number of storms entered by the end of October is 37.1. In 2018, WeatherWorks published 117 storms by October’s end! The next closest year to this was 2013, which also was a fairly active start, with a total of 79.

The stats are even more eye-popping when talking in terms of the pure number of individual locations. While 2013 thru 2017 averaged approximately 1,110 locations given a total through October, 2018’s total more than tripled this, boasting 4,625 zip codes that received a CST. Another sign of the increased activity is in the number of times a region has been issued a report. We are already in double-digits with 10 regions being issued 5 CST’s or more, with 27 in total having multiple storms.

Not only is this a sign a high amount of early-season wintry activity, it is also a testament to our growing client base subscribing to the service. If you are looking to join the nation’s leading snow and ice verification service, feel free to visit www.certifiedsnowfalltotals.com for more information.

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