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Where are the Cicadas?

Millions of cicadas are to swarm the East Coast. But the weather affects when...

By now, I'm sure you've heard about the potential for millions of cicadas to swarm the Eastern Seaboard this spring. But where are the hoards of 2" long insects which only emerge every 17 years...
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Northeast Tornado Climatology

While typically not as strong as those in the Midwest, tornadoes do occur in the region.

After the devastation Moore, OK experienced from the EF-5 tornado on May 20, it’s important to remember that tornadoes are not just Midwest phenomena. In fact, a tornado hit Copake Lake in...
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U.S Weather Myths Busted!

Learn the truth behind common weather conceptions in the US.

Ever wonder if some of the common weather descriptions regarding several U.S cities and states are true? Well, we selected some of the most well-known weather myths for places in the US and discovered some surprising facts.

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Using Radar To Detect Tornadoes

65 years ago a tornado was spotted on radar, by accident!

Tornadoes are one of the most violent natural phenomena that mother nature has to offer. While they are quite rare on the East Coast (and typically weak if they do occur), they are much more...
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Weather Fronts

Why are warm and cold fronts so important to the weather forecast?

How many times have you heard your local TV meteorologist mention phrases like "you can expect showers out ahead of the warm front," or "the humidity will drop behind the cold front...
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