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Listen to Meteorologist Mike Mihalik on WRNJ!

WRNJ's Joyce Estey interviewed Mike about this past March and more!

Our very own Meteorologist and Director of Social Media, Mike Mihalik, was featured on WRNJ Radio's Newsline program on Thursday, May 3rd! He was interviewed by Joyce Estey, News Director (wrnjradio....
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A Look Into Weather Models - And What's Ahead

Meteorologist Chris Castellano explores the different types of models & future upgrades. 

The science of weather is not an easy one to grasp, as the atmosphere is a complex fluid of rising, sinking, and circulating air. Of course, there are old school methods of forecasting weather, by...
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Spring Arrives Late in the Midwest: April Summary

Winter continued as The Midwest faced colder and snowier than average April conditions.

The month of April felt like a continuation of winter featuring well below average temperatures combined with above average monthly snowfall across the Midwest.  We began the month cold in the...
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What Makes for a Bad Allergy Season?

Ingredients that promote the production and circulation of pollen

As winter winds down, many of us become intoxicated with the idea of an early spring. Outside, there is newly greened grass, the scent of fresh soil, and the sound of songbirds signaling the...
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Switching Gears to Summer

 How do our meteorologists prepare for the summer season? 

As winter takes its final breaths, our minds begin to switch gears in anticipation for the warm season ahead. Whether it means preparing the mowers for landscaping or just putting away the shovels...
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