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Midwest Average First Frost / Freeze / Snow

Do you know when the first frost, freeze, and snowfall typically occur? Find out.

The long days of summer have come and gone, and we are now well into Autumn. Pumpkins, Halloween, and changing leaves are just some of the reasons that many people love this season. With all of the...
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Superstorm Sandy: 5 Years Later

 A look back at the historic storm.

Half a decade ago, thousands of lives were changed over the course of just a few days.  Record storm surge descended over barrier islands and towering sandbags. Roadways, homes, and even subways...
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How Do We Measure Temperature?

 Proper measurements are key to getting an accurate reading. 

You’ve seen it before: on the evening weather report, in your home, on your phone, and even displayed on your local bank’s signage. Temperature is everywhere. It is one of the most...
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August 2017: Up and Down End to Meteorological Summer

Cool and stormy weather dominates August. 

 Dog days of summer? What dog days of summer?  The last holdout of the season for characteristic summer weather didn’t exactly pan out as some typically expect in August 2017. This...
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Harvey and Irma Wreak Havoc

A look into this year's most devistating hurricanes...

Before 2017, the last major hurricane to make landfall in the continental U.S. was Wilma in 2005, leaving some to believe that they were still in the clear while others felt that their time was...
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