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What is "Normal" Weather?

With so many extremes the last few years, find out what "normal" is in the Northeast.

Above left: Plantsville, CT after the February 8, 2013 Blizzard. Above Right: Satellite Image of Hurricane Sandy. Credit: NOAA The Summer of 2013 was a wet one and meteorologists often explained how...
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The Great New England Hurricane of 1938

Before Sandy, this storm was the benchmark for New England  weather disasters...

Today marks the 75-year anniversary of the landfall of one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever impact New England. Back in 1938, what is now known as the “Great New England Hurricane” barreled ashore with an estimated forward speed of 60 mph. The storm first moved over Suffolk Cou...

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Weather & the Seaside Fire

What role did weather play in the disastrous Seaside Boardwalk Fire?

In less than a year’s time since Sandy tore through Seaside Heights, yet another disaster has struck the area. This time it wasn’t directly weather related, but the atmospheric conditions definitely magnified the disaster. Let’s discover how weather played an important role in t...

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Weather Extremes: NYC vs The World

How do NYC extremes compare to the rest of the world?


Of the major weather observing stations in the Northeast, Central Park in NYC has one of the longest running records beginning way back in 1869. Over the past 140+ years, the wild weather NYC has experienced during the warm seasons has ranged from tr...

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Weather Radars Explained

How does the modern Doppler Radar really work?

We all use radar to assist in planning outdoor activities. Should we bring an umbrella? Is a severe thunderstorm on its way? Or will we be dry the rest of the day? While radar helps us forecast...
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