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Let's Make a Cloud!

Boiling water + -4°F temperatures can produce clouds...view the video here.

During the recent arctic outbreak, our office in Hackettstown, NJ dipped to -4°F! When it gets that cold, all you need is some boiling water to make your very own cloud. Just toss it into the air...
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What is the Polar Vortex?

Learn about the Polar Vortex and how it creates arctic outbreaks.

In recent years, many media outlets have used the word “polar vortex” to explain arctic cold outbreaks, leaving most believing the phenomenon is a new meteorological discovery. However,...
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Meet Meteorologist Megan McCarthy

Meteorologist Megan McCarthy is one of our newest meteorologists and is our guest on the 45 Second Drill...and you'll find out who her favorite NFL team is and what she thinks of the quarterback...
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A Look Back at the Weather of 2018

Meteorologist Michael Priante takes a look at some of the more notable weather events of 2018. 

  2018 was a wild ride, at least in the weather realm. We rang in the new year with temperatures well below normal, followed by a whirlwind of snowstorms in March and early April across the...
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December 2018: Wet, but not very Snowy

Although December abounded with moisture, snow was scarce in the Midwest. 

After a chilly November with multiple rounds of snow across the Midwest, winter largely backed off for most of December. It was a mild and wet first month of meteorological winter, with all major...
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