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Nov. – Jan. 2013: A Busy Start to Winter


Now that we have reached the mid - point of the 2013 – 2014 winter season, it is very apparent that we are in the midst of an unusually active and cold winter. In fact, a few places along I -95 have recorded some of their snowiest and coldest winter months ever on record. Let...

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30 Inch Hype: Don't Believe it!

Let's separate the truth from fantasy about next week's storm potential.

Over the past few days, many have been asking about a 30 inch blizzard next week. My advice to you, is please don't believe it. Many of these blizzard rumors have roots in amateur weather facebook/...
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November 17th Severe Weather Outbreak: An In-Depth Look


The Setup:

A powerful low pressure system moved to the northeast as it tracked across south-central Wisconsin; by the afternoon on the 17th the low had deepened to 987 mb. At the same time, a potent cold front extended southward from this low ...

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Top Weather Events of 2013

Another whole year of weather has come and gone, and now that 2013 is officially in the books we thought it would be a good time to look back on some of the more extreme weather events. This past year certainly did have its fair share of active weather, not only here in the Northeast and Mid-Atla...

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Updated Newsletter Format


The WeatherWorks publication team is proud to announce an updated newsletter format. The design change was made to provide you with a more concise look at all of the intriguing articles produced by our meteorologists. In this way, you can peruse the opening of each article quickly ...

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