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Blizzard of 2013!

Wind and snow lash New England and Long Island.

One thing is for certain…the New England blizzard of 2013 will be remembered for years to come! As the two pieces of energy came together Fri night creating our historic nor’easter,...
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Christmas Eve 1966 Snowstorm

A look back at one of the most memorable Christmas snowstorms!


For most of the baby boomers growing up in the Northeast, the white Christmas of 1966 likely stands out. An intense nor’easter not only blanketed coastal Virginia all the way to Maine with snow, but also lit up the sky with plenty of lightning and thunder!

Starting on...

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WeatherWorks Long-Range Forecasts

Gain an edge on the competition by signing up today!

Surprised by the mild start to December? Perhaps the average person was, but clients who subscribe to WeatherWorks Long Range Forecast products were anything but! Beginning back in mid-late October,...
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Reduce your Risk on the Road

 A few pointers on how you can stay safe on the roads during winter.

Oh the weather outside is frightful…especially when you have to drive in it. By taking a few extra precautions, you can ensure safe driving throughout the winter season.

First things first…visibility. We are all gui...

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1950 Thanksgiving Day Storm

Also called the Great Appalachian Storm, but either way its impacts were devastating.

After being down in Atlantic City and along the shore and seeing how so many people were affected by Sandy, I decided to write about another big storm that hit the northeast on Thanksgiving Day 62 years ago. This storm had everything, high winds, heavy snow, and very cold temperatures all th...

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