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Weather Radars Explained

How does the modern Doppler Radar really work?

We all use radar to assist in planning outdoor activities. Should we bring an umbrella? Is a severe thunderstorm on its way? Or will we be dry the rest of the day? While radar helps us forecast...
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What Exactly is a Monsoon?

Curious about the monsoon season? Learn more here!

Parts of the Northeast have certainly experienced a very wet summer this year and some have gone as far as to describe it as a "monsoon". However, the rainfall folks along the I-95 corridor have experienced this summer is far less intense than the true monsoon thunderstorms some areas o...

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Gain an Edge with Long-Range Forecasts

Learn how to enhance your business this winter season...

Surprised by yet another July of above average temperatures? Clients that utilize WeatherWorks Long Range Forecast products weren’t! Our long-range team of meteorologists continually monitor global oscillation patterns a...

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Dog Days of Summer

Where did this phrase originate, and what does it mean?

We have all heard this somewhat odd phrase before, and it is normally used to describe those hazy, hot and humid summer days. You may be wondering how such a unique phrase got started...and does it...
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The Science Behind Sea Breezes

Why does the shore cool off during hot summer afternoons?

If you’ve ever been to the beach on a hot and sunny day, you have probably noticed that it can get pretty breezy during the afternoon. You may have also noticed that areas closest to the ocean...
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