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April 2014: A Spring Soaker

Spring months are noted for having drastic swings in both temperature and precipitation and April 2014 was certainly no exception. The Northeast experienced everything one would expect in a typical...
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April 27 - 29th Tornado Outbreak

Damage from an EF-4 tornado which struck Vilonia, AR, courtesy of the NWS Little Rock.   The 2014 severe weather season started out very slowly, which was welcomed by many residents across the...
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The Science Behind El Niño

What is El Niño and how does it form?

Many times, meteorologists use some technical terminology during weather discussions. Some of the acronyms used can understandably come off as a form of alphabet soup. Perhaps one of the most widely...
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Active New Jersey Brush Fire Season

Photo courtesty of the Jefferson Township Fire Department as it helps to contain a brush fire in Jefferson, NJ (April 19th, 2014)   Despite April 2014's excessive rainfall, a few stretches of...
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How Late in the Season can it Snow?

Measurable snow fell on April 14 - 15th of this year, but is that unusual? 

After experiencing a blockbuster 2013 – 2014 winter season, winter kept its strong grip on the Northeast even into mid - April when one last round of snow blanketed the region from the 15th to...
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