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Winter's Ending, but Weather Threats Continue

Meteorologist Mike Mihalik talks about his experiences with outdoor work. 

As a meteorologist, weather always affects my work schedule. However, in the past I worked lawncare and landscaping and certainly felt the pitfalls of a rainy stretch along with the backlog of work...
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Blizzards are no Strangers in February

Some epic storms have occurred in February, let's look at a few...

We come to a crossroad in the month of February where our love for winter is truly tested. As we await the headlines for the next ‘storm of the century’, our hearts begin to race as we...
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A Cold and Snowy January 2019

January 2019...record cold and above normal snow in the Midwest.

January 2019 certainly made up for a relatively mild and snowless December, with record-setting cold at times and above-average snowfall across the Midwest. In terms of monthly totals, Chicago...
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Northeast Weather Summary: Jan. 2019

More cold and snow arrives for the second half of January 2019.

The season so far has been a tale of two regions, where the Mid-Atlantic and central-northern New England have been bearing the brunt of winter while those in between are lagging behind. Despite...
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Winter Isn't Over Yet

Don't write winter off just yet, the pattern is looking more favorable for snow.

We get it. Baltimore hit 70, Boston 65 last week. Even the Midwest enjoyed at least a day or two in the 50s or 60s. On top of that, the Groundhog didn’t see his shadow! Many people are...
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