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Teeing Off into Spring!

We aren't just there for the winter season, weather threats never stop. 

All seems well under the lengthening day but that long-awaited opportunity quickly fades as the clouds above cast their shadow upon on the world below. Lightning strikes and thunder echoes in the...
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Record Precipitation Falls in February 2019

Precipitation abounds in the Midwest, but not necessarily all snow.

It was an active month of February across the Midwest with record precipitation (rain and melted snowfall) across parts of the region. However, with only Chicago coming in colder than average, not...
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Signs of Spring!

Daylight, sun angle, and temperatures are all increasing as spring arrives.

Welcome to spring! Well, meteorological spring that is, which began on March 1st. Of course, astronomical spring won’t begin until March 20th and seasonal lag will prevent real spring from...
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February 2019: A Unique Month of Weather

The month displayed signs of spring and even January cold, breaking the typical mold.

We leaped into February with the typical high expectations of knee-deep snow and record setting cold as years of brutal winters have conditioned us to know. However, February displayed a spring-...
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Remember March 2018's Nor'easters?

Meteorologist Brad Miller covers last March's heavy snow. 

While we have had our bouts with snow so far this month, it’s nothing compared to this time last year when the Northeast had to contend with a parade of four nor’easters. The first one...
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