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April 2019: Mild with Record Snow?

Although April was milder than normal, amazingly, snow still occurred! 

From severe thunderstorms to record breaking, out of season snowfall, April 2019 certainly had it all across the Midwest! Amazingly, even with the snowfall, it was a generally mild month across the...
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April 2019 Northeast Summary

A warm month, but still a bit of wintry weather early on... 

The heart of spring was unseasonably warm and rather wet in the Northeast. April began with high pressure floating overhead which kept things quite cool to start. Then, a coastal low trekked north...
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What Makes for a Bad Allergy Season?

Ingredients that promote the production and circulation of pollen

As we approach the midway point of spring, we are also at the peak of allergy season.  Millions of people suffer from sneezing, coughing, runny nose and itchy eyes this time of the year. ...
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Vacationing during Hurricane Season?

Here's a few tips and stats you should think about. 

Lower Price, Higher Risk Summer is right around the corner. And that means hot days by the pool, ice cold lemonade, and perhaps a more affordable family getaway. Destinations from the Carolinas to...
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Potholes: Everyone's Favorite in Spring

Here’s why spring is pothole season, and the role road salt plays in formation.

Okay, okay. We know potholes aren’t actually everyone’s favorite thing when spring rolls around (they might even be up there with cold, cloudy days in May). But if you are one of 83% of...
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