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How Do Thunderstorms Form?

Spring and Summer are known for thunderstorms. How do they develop?

Thunderstorms are one of the most common types of hazardous weather you will experience if you live in the United States. On average, we see 100,000 thunderstorms develop in the U.S. each year,...
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2019 Summer Forecast

Will the wet weather continue through summer? 

The summer of 2018 was not a friendly one for outdoor activities from the Midwest to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Warm, humid conditions were common with a boatload of rain for many as well. The...
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2019 Atlantic Hurricane Outlook

Near normal number of storms, but a higher impact risk for the U.S. 

The 2018 hurricane season was busier than normal and featured significant impacts in the Southeastern United States from Hurricanes Florence and Michael, though no direct impacts up the coast into...
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When is the Best Time to Plant?

In the heart of spring, it's time to think vegetables and fruits!

Looking for some help deciding when to plant this spring? No matter if you’re a seasoned gardener or just looking to try it out, you need some information on the types of plants you're adding...
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How Does Hail Develop?

Hail can cause plenty of damage. Meteorologist Joe Slezak explains how it occurs.

When a thunderstorm rumbles through your area, a myriad of associated hazards are on the table. Depending on the atmospheric ingredients in place at the time, strong storms can bring damaging winds,...
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