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Heat Advisories & Excessive Heat Warnings

How hot does it need to be for heat alerts to be issued in your backyard?

During the summer, you may have noticed that the National Weather Service issues a variety of watches, warnings and advisories in order to protect the public from various heat related illnesses...
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6 Years Ago: The June 2012 Derecho

One of the more memorable severe weather events to impact Midwest/mid-Atlantic.

When called upon to remember a significant weather event within the last 10 years or so, some may bring up a powerful snow storm or blizzard. But for those that were within the path of the June 29,...
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Quick Outlook for Summer 2018

Interested in Summer 2018? Here's a quick teaser to give you an idea of what's to come.

With an active end to winter and a cold entry into spring now safely behind us, our thoughts trend toward how summer-time heat and storms will play out in the upcoming season. For forecast clues,...
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2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook

Here's what we expect for this hurricane season...

It felt like winter just ended yesterday but we are currently on the cusp of hurricane season, which begins June 1st. So, now is a good time to gauge what has been happening pattern-wise and what...
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(Snow) History 101?

The key to excelling in the future is by looking at the past. A great example is with snowfall climatology. Being armed with the knowledge of past snowfall data can give you the extra edge with next winter’s snowfall contacts. See a sample of what we can add to you pre-season bidding proces...

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