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May 2019: Why the Active Weather?

Flooding, severe weather, and even tornadoes plagued May 2019. Why?

From the Plains to the Great Lakes to parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, the second half of May was extremely active with heavy rain and severe weather. Tornadoes occurred as far east as New...
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May 2019: Tornado Outbreak Caps Off an Active Month

May of 2019 will be remembered for a lot of rain and severe weather across the Midwest. The first half of the month was the quieter half, with the bulk of the severe weather and flooding occurring...
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May 2019: Severe Weather and Flooding Rain

Severe weather, back-door fronts, flooding, and tornadoes, May 2019 had it all.

After a few below normal severe weather seasons over the previous years, the last month of meteorological spring turned quite active for not only the traditional spots across the southern Plains, but...
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Start Your 2019-20 Snow Removal Bidding Here!

Snowtistics™ can give you an edge on the competition. Special discount inside!

Even though it's only June, many are already competing for 2019-2020 snow removal contracts. Here's your chance to get a "leg up" on the competition. Start your bidding process with a...
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How Climate Impacts Wine Grapes

Weather affects agriculture all the time, but what about your glass of wine?

While walking through your local grocery store for a bottle of wine, have you ever wondered why there isn’t more selection from New Jersey or New York compared to California? Why do they get...
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