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Start of 2017: A Taste of...Spring?

Swings in the pattern resulted in some cold and snow, but mild overall. 

Our meteorologists enjoy the simple things in life, like watching the snow fall before coming into work. Photograph by Meteorologist Mark Miller.  The first month of the New Year is always a...
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How Can It Freeze at 35 Degrees?

Wet pavements can freeze with air temperatures above freezing. 

If you are a snow removal expert, you know to watch for refreeze after snowstorms and to do "ice checks" in the morning if temperatures fall to freezing or below. You are also aware to keep...
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Inauguration Weather History

What types of weather has affected past inaugurations?

With rain in the forecast this Friday, Inauguration Day is likely to run not too far above average on both the precipitation and temperature front. Naturally we have to ask, how does Inauguration...
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December Cold Punch for the Midwest

Old Man Winter didn't mess around in December...Got right to business!

For much of the Midwest, December will be remembered as a particularly active month of weather. Chicago received 17.7” of snow, making it the 8th snowiest December on record. In addition to a...
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December 2016: Cold and Snowy

Winter didn't wait this year with December 2016 finishing below average. 

The meteorological fall leading into December was one of the warmest on record across the Midwest. The run of consecutive months with above-normal temperatures was a long one, going all the way back...
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