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December Cold Punch for the Midwest

Old Man Winter didn't mess around in December...Got right to business!

For much of the Midwest, December will be remembered as a particularly active month of weather. Chicago received 17.7” of snow, making it the 8th snowiest December on record. In addition to a...
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December 2016: Cold and Snowy

Winter didn't wait this year with December 2016 finishing below average. 

The meteorological fall leading into December was one of the warmest on record across the Midwest. The run of consecutive months with above-normal temperatures was a long one, going all the way back...
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November/December 2017: A Roller Coaster Ride

 A review of the last two months of the year for the Midwest.

The last month of meteorological Fall and first month of meteorological winter proved to be interesting ones across the Midwest for sure. Here is an overview of what happened in chronological order....
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Wind Chill Science

Why does the wind make it feel colder? 

Ever wondered why it feels so much colder when the wind blows? At some point during the winter, most people will hear meteorologists talk about the “Wind Chill Factor”. This factor is...
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Closing out the Year: December 2016

December 2016 was quite different than previous years, find out why... 

Hoar frost that developed on Meteorologist Matt Potter's car in northeast Philadelphia on Christmas morning. December of 2016 was certainly different from recent ones. Unlike the past two winter...
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