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"White Christmas" Climatology!

We explain the what, how often and most memorable ones here!

From the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping to the relaxing quiet time spent with family and friends, the Christmas season is upon us yet again. No matter what the scene, many of the iconic...
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Home Heating tips to save you Big Bucks

  Every winter varies; some are colder while some are milder. For this winter season, however, it's certainly been off to a fairly cold start. Although we haven't had much snow to deal with so...
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How to Keep Warm at a Tailgate

Hate freezing before a football game? Here are some tips to stay warm.

After a long week filled with anticipation, it's finally time for the big game, but first, the fun-filled tailgate. You've packed the coolers, prepped the grill, and piled into the car with family...
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How to Measure: Snowfall

Ever wonder how to properly measure snow? Look no further.

Measuring snowfall sounds like an easy task at first, but a lot more work is involved than it would seem. Plenty of snow-lovers want to quickly run into their backyard and know how much snow fell by...
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The Miller Classification

 Find out differences between Miller A vs. Miller B storms!

 No, we aren't talking about our two meteorologists, Brad Miller and Mark Miller (who by the way aren't even related). The Miller classification is something meteorologists use to classify types...
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