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Northeast U.S. Final Freeze Stats

 When are your flowers and plants safe from Mother Nature's freeze? Find out here!

Now that the final snow events of the winter season are mostly behind us, most are transitioning into warm season operations. As the winter and spring season battle it out, these early weeks of...
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Compare 2017-18 Snowfall to Climatology

Winter 2017-18 was certainly unusual, use Snowtistics to show just how abnormal it was... 

Well, how did you like that winter? To say the least, it was a pretty unusual end to the season with snowstorms increasing in frequency heading into March and even lingering into early April. In fact...
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How Radar can be Misleading

Avoid mistakes by learning a few tricks that radar tends to play on forecasters.

What’s my relationship with radar? Well, sometimes it has trouble putting the pieces together, and other times it blows things out of proportion. It plays games by saying it’s in a...
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Spring? Are You There?!

A review of the weather in the Northeast U.S. for March 2018.

What a tease February was in its final week when temperatures soared into the 60s and 70s across the entire Northeast! As we know now though, the party did not last long as winter came roaring back...
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March 2018: Temperature Swings & Broken Records

Summarizing the weather in the Midwest U.S. in March!

The first day of March marks the start of meteorological spring and while the month began warmer than average in the Midwest, many of us were fooled into believing that warmer days were here to stay...
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