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September 2018: Unseasonable Warmth and Drenching Rains!

Looks like fall is arriving late! Warmth continues through September along with a few heavy rain events!

So much for meteorological fall! It seemed summer was quite hesitant to depart the Northeast, making September yet another record breaker in various departments. While severe weather took a back seat...
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Weather and Football

Statistics show weather does play a role in the outcome of a game...

The National Football League (NFL) has become America's most watched and largest grossing sport. Each weekend, tens of millions of people sit down and watch teams battle rain or shine, hot or cold,...
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Temperature Inversion Explainer

Ever notice temperatures changing on a clear morning?

If you happen to have a thermometer in your car (which most modern cars do), have you ever noticed that on a given winter morning when skies are clear, it reads warmer on hills? Then, when you...
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August 2018: Still Warm but Rainier for Ohio and Indiana

A hot end to meteorological summer with some severe weather too!

  After a warm and in some places dry month of July, temperatures started August within a few degrees of normal across the Midwest thanks to a dip in the jet stream centered over the Great Lakes...
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August 2018: Uncomfortably Hot and Humid

 As we close the books on meteorological summer (which ended on August 31st), probably the most memorable facet of August would not be flooding rains or record-breaking temperatures, but the...
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