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What is a Forensic Meteorologist?

Meteorologists not only forecast weather, but can also aid in solving legal problems.

According to the Dictionary, the term "forensic" denotes the application of scientific methods, techniques and knowledge to solving legal problems and/or crimes. Did you know that there is...
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Another Dry Stretch for the Northeast

Snow showers tonight, then looking dry...until Friday... 

This past weekend was rather active and wet, as a coastal storm brought widespread rain across the I-95 corridor. It was a different story though, across the higher elevations of the Northeast on...
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Fall Gives Way to Winter in November

Rain, snow, and cold plague the active month.

Winter weather started early this year, as below average temperatures through much of November resulted in a few bouts of snow across the Midwest and Ohio Valley, with a significant winter storm even...
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A Rainy and Snowy November 2018

A record month for precipitation and cold.

Last November was certainly a memorable one. Not only did we continue to receive unnecessary amounts of rainfall, but winter also decided to manifest itself early this season with a storm in the...
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What is a Norlun Trough?

Meteorologist Jim Sullivan breaks down the ingredients for Norlun snowfall. 

While it was a rather chilly December day across much of the Northeast on December 5, 2018, most areas were basking in the sun without a hint of any snow.  That was a different story though over...
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