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More Wintry Weather!? Are You Kidding?

Yes...snow and sleet is back in the forecast for Friday into Saturday. 

I know rumors of a storm have been flying and while I personally wish the claims were totally false, it does look like some snow and sleet will be possible on Friday into early Saturday in the...
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Investigating Snow, Sleet, & Freezing Rain

Winter precipitation types can burden snow removal experts & meteorologists

As we begin to count the first days of spring and much of the Northeast continues to thaw from the “pi-day nor’easter”, we wanted to visit one of the most difficult parts of the...
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Is Next Tuesday's Storm the One to Watch?

Hearing rumors of a big storm next week? Meteorologist Rob Reale has insight...

While the weekend storm now looks like a miss, that has implications on our next storm, focused around Tuesday of next week (March 14th). Because the prior storm will be further south, colder air...
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The Certified Snowfall Totals Difference

Learn about the data collection that goes into WeatherWorks Certified Snowfall Totals 

Today’s world tends to operate under the adage If You’re Not First, You’re Last. Here at WeatherWorks, we don’t appreciate that adage. Instead, one of our main mottos is...
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The NAO Explained

Just what does this crazy acronym mean for East Coast weather?

  A lot of times meteorologists throw around fancy words and phrases that may not necessarily be common knowledge. One of them sometimes heard in the Northeast during winter is the NAO. NAO...
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