Record Warmth Possible, Then Wet & Wintry?

Posted: February 20, 2018, 8:49 am by bmiller

After a wintry weekend across the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, warm weather will be the big story through the middle of this week.  Temperatures will be over 20 degrees above normal on Tuesday and close to 30 degrees above normal on Wednesday!!  This is due to a large area of high pressure located just off the East Coast of the United States.  This is a winter version of the Bermuda High, but of course it is still February.  If this was July, we would be talking about high temps around 90 degrees and a heat index near 100.  Anyway, here is a look at forecast afternoo

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Blizzard of 2018 Recap...

Posted: January 10, 2018, 12:47 pm by bmiller

Wow... What. A. Storm! That's probably the best way to describe the Blizzard of 2018.  This was a winter storm that wreaked havoc from Florida all the way to eastern Canada.  12 - 18 inches of snow fell in spots along the New Jersey Shore into eastern New England.  Additionally, Norfolk, Virginia saw nearly a foot of fresh snowfall. There was 3-6 inches into the eastern Carolinas, and even coatings of snow were seen across northern Florida (including Tallahassee).

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First Frost, Freeze, & Snow Dates: Northeast

Posted: October 6, 2017, 12:58 am by bmiller

Despite the best efforts of summer to hold on into fall, cold weather will inevitably prevail across the area once again. Daylight has been decreasing at a rapid rate over the last month and average temperatures have been falling steadily as well. While parts of the interior Northeast have already seen their first frost at the time of this writing (October 6th), most along the coast (including the big cities) have not. 

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Unsettled Weather Ahead for the I-95 Corridor

Posted: September 26, 2016, 4:05 pm by bmiller

Ask, and you shall receive....Some much needed rain is in the forecast for areas that could certainly use it. The question is, could we see too much of a good thing? It has been a dry and hot summer for many, especially those of us along the I-95 corridor from Boston to Washington, DC. However, over the next few days, the weather pattern looks to favor an extended period of wet weather. So, here's the set-up. A cold front will sweep through the mid-Atlantic and New England with some periods of rain and even a few rumbles of thunder tonight and early tomorrow.

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Hurricane Irene - 5 Year Anniversary

Posted: August 25, 2016, 2:28 pm by bmiller

Hard to believe but 5 years have passed since Hurricane Irene devestated the East Coast of the United States. The hurricane made landfall on the Outer Banks of North Carolina before cutting through the Northeast and New England eventually dissipating over eastern Canada. Unfortunately, a total of 56 people were killed and the storm caused over 15 billion dollars in damage in the U.S making Irene one of the top 10 costliest hurricanes in United States history.  

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Life In Front Of A TV Camera...

Posted: July 11, 2016, 8:18 pm by bmiller

Meteorologist, a specialist who studies processes in the earth's atmosphere that cause weather conditions. Well, that's what I went to college for, but being a meteorologist on television, that's a different story. "But it's easy" they say, "you just get up in front of the camera, point and read your script". Ahh, comments from my loyal viewers, how they adore their local TV meteorologist.

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Does Weather Affect a Golf Ball's Distance?

Posted: June 30, 2016, 12:57 pm by bmiller

Well, now that the golf season is in full "swing", you often hear golf announcers talk about the "carry of the golf ball". This basically means, how long the ball remains in the air after it leaves the clubface. The question is, can weather affect the distance a golf ball travels. The answer is yes. It's really a combination of physics and meteorology.

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Lightning Awareness and Safety

Posted: April 4, 2016, 6:18 pm by bmiller

Even though it has been a slow transition from winter into spring this year, summer will be here before you know it. And as we spend more time outdoors, we can't forget about the dangers associated with thunderstorms. Meteorologists have a general idea of where and when thunderstorms will occur on a given day, however, it's the localized impacts of a thunderstorm that make them tough to forecast.

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December 2015 Midwest Summary

Posted: January 5, 2016, 8:50 am by bmiller

As we turn the calendar to 2016, we look back at what was another very warm month across much of the Midwestern U.S. While there were a few bouts of wintry weather, December 2015 will go down as one of the warmest ever recorded.

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Don't Give Up on Winter!

Posted: December 7, 2015, 4:50 pm by bmiller


Snow Cover Currently covers most of Canada and Russia/Siberia. Image Courtesy of Rutgers Global Snow Lab


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