Stink Bug Season has Arrived

Posted: October 7, 2013, 12:43 pm by rreale

It happened just a few days ago. I hopped in the shower before work, turned to the curtain and there it was. For 6 months I had lived in peace, free from the awful critter, but there it was… The first stink bug of the season. Yes, fall is here which means cooler temperatures, changing color on leaves, and unfortunately for some people in the Northeast, stink bugs. As the nights continue to get cooler and winter approaches, stink bugs - like humans - try to spend less time outdoors, and more time in a warm home. Stink bugs however are like a bad roommate who doesn’t pay rent, leaves a mess, and doesn’t clean their dishes - they’re unwanted and well, stink! Now is the time to take early season precautions to prepare for the infestation; below are some helpful tips.

The best way to keep stink bugs out of your home is to seal up every possible opening. These insects are sneaky and are quite clever at finding a way into your home. Winterizing your house like you may already do each year is a good start. Still, chimneys, small cracks, and open windows are easy access points for these bugs to enter. In addition, outdoor lights (or even indoor lights) in the evening attract these bugs. So, what can you do? Well for starters, use outdoor lights only as necessary. As for indoor lights, try to limit their outdoor exposure by using window shades and blinds. These all are good precautionary steps.

If, however, these bugs do enter your home, you obviously need to find a way to get them out. Some experts believe this could be the worst season for them yet. If an exterminator is not in the cards, there are a few recommended ways to dispose of the bug. First off is picking them up with toilet paper, and flushing them down the toilet. Remember, they must be alive because if you kill them they will stink! Of course, if you constantly do this, it will be at the expense of a lot of wasted water. Another alternative is to vacuum them up. However, they will even begin to stink up the inside of that so, this may not be the best solution. Finally, the best solution I have found is to fill small jars with dish soap and water and throw them in. They won’t last long in there, and the soap will help cancel the stink. Hope this helps!

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