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Remembering the April 2011 Tornado Outbreak

Five years ago today, disaster struck parts of the Southeast U.S. as a multi-day tornado outbreak reached its peak. While there were severe rounds of severe/tornadic storms and systems over the...
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A Cold Start, but a Severe End to March

Midwest weather summary for March 2016.

While February ended up warmer than normal, March had a much chillier, snowier start. Chicago was the first to partake in this return of winter. Right as we flipped the calendar, arctic air plunged...
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Midwest Final Freeze Stats

Just when do we typically see the last winter freeze? Find out here?

It's that time of year again. Landscapers and home gardeners alike are wondering when Mother Nature will unleash her final freeze of the winter season so our sprouting flowers and plants can grow...
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April '16 Cold & Final Freeze Stats

 When are your flowers and plants safe from Mother Nature's freeze? Find out here!

Now that the final snow events of the winter season are likely behind us, most are transitioning into warm season operations. As the winter and spring season battle it out, these early weeks of...
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I Wish I had This as a Former Landscaper

Meteorologist/Former Landscaper Mike Mihalik talks services that would've helped him.

It was sometime in June 2007, I (Mike Mihalik) was a crew leader for a landscaping company in eastern Pennsylvania. I was riding my Exmark Lazer Z (which I preferred, hopefully Exmark appreciates my...
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