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Hurricane Irene - 5 Year Anniversary

A recap of Hurricane Irene, which caused over $15 billion in damage

Hard to believe but 5 years have passed since Hurricane Irene devestated the East Coast of the United States. The hurricane made landfall on the Outer Banks of North Carolina before cutting through...
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Review of Historic Flooding in Louisiana

 An unnamed storm caused prolific flooding in southern Louisiana last week. More inside.

Courtesy of U.S Department of Agriculture A multi-billion dollar natural disaster unfolded last week in Louisiana, but it wasn’t because of a tropical storm or hurricane but rather an unnamed,...
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Heat Lightning: Fact or Fiction?

What's the truth behind the summertime phenomena? Find out here!

Many have probably heard the term “heat lightning” tossed around from time to time throughout the summer. The typical theory is that hot and humid conditions produce lightning, even...
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Relative Humidity vs Dewpoint

Why does it still feel humid when the relative humidity seems low?

This summer has had many days of hot and sticky weather. You may have checked on the humidity, only to find it was at a meager 50%. How could the humidity be so low, when it feels so high? The answer...
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Turning Hot and Humid...Again

Tropical air mass invades the Northeast, along with heavy rainfall.

  Well, this time of year isn’t called the “dog days” of summer for nothing! After a brief respite from humid weather over the past few days, some of the most humid air of the...
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