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How does the Wind Impact Temperatures?

Learn the relationship between wind and temperature here!

Enjoying a day at the Jersey Shore in the early summer can go either way. One visit you may be shivering underneath the towel while a few days later you're sweltering, running for the ocean. But what...
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Why Hire Forensic Meteorologists?

The benefits of having a forensic meteorologist on your side...

  WeatherWorks Forensic Meteorologist Matthew Potter studies weather data for a slip-and-fall case   Given the active winters in the Northeast over the past few years, there have been...
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So How Much is an Inch of Rain?

Learn how much to visualize an inch of rain here!

  Above is a rain guage, the instrument meteorologists use to measure rain. The inner tube defines an inch of rain. Image courtesy of NASA/CoCoRaHs   You've got a big project on the line....
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"White Thanksgivings" in the Northeast

Let's take a look back at Northeast snow storms on Thanksgiving

Typically, questions surrounding winter weather and holidays are reserved for Christmas. Most of us wonder each year who will experience a “White Christmas”, even though in the Northeast...
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Could Temperature Explain Deflate-Gate?

Using science to investigate deflate-gate.

If you're an NFL fan, it seems you can never watch a pre-game show, go on social media, or read a newspaper without a mention of deflate-gate. I know it's an old story, but can deflated footballs...
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