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What is the Jet Stream?

Find out more about this meteorological phenomena inside...

Image above is of 300 mb winds and heights. The jet stream is shown by the dark blues and purples (maxing out at 170+ mph over northern New Hampshire)   “We should be smooth sailing today...
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Weather's Influence on Air Travel

 How can the weather impact your travel plans?

Summer is a popular time for families to take their annual vacation and many do so by flying to their destination of choice. Of course, frequent flyers know that adverse weather from Mother Nature...
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Seasonal Temperature Lag

Why are the hottest months of summer not early in the season?

We are now well into July and many places in the Northeast are at their peak of summertime heat. Why is it that maximum temperatures are not in June, when the longest day of the year is typically on...
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Highlights of 2014 Thus Far

What are the highlights of 2014 so far? Find out here!

Left Image: Newark, NJ May 1, 2014 courtesy Donna Giaianella of Star Ledger  Right Image: Winchester, VA Feb 12, 2014 courtesy of Hal Yeager/AP.   Now that we have reached the halfway point...
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Fair Weather Wind

In the absence of storm systems, what makes the wind blow?

One of the most often overlooked weather variables is the wind. Sure, whenever there is a strong thunderstorm or hurricane approaching this phenomenon is often on our mind. But during an otherwise...
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